BPOM Bans Bajakah Labeling as Cancer Medicine



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) of Central Kalimantan office prohibited the labeling of Bajakah (Spatholobus littoralis Hassk.) as a cancer medicine from nature as no clinical test has been done.

    “Selling it as traditional medicine is allowed but do not provide excessive claims,” said BPOM Central Kalimantan head Trikoranti Mustikawati in Palangka Raya, Thursday, August 22.

    She asserted that claiming the plant as a cure for cancer is an exaggeration because no thorough study on the plant has been conducted.

    “This can be a public deception. Does the product on sale truly contain bajakah, what its type and other ingredients so it can be claimed to be able to cure cancer?” said Trikoranti.

    She conveyed the statement when asked for confirmation regarding the monitoring of the plant distribution in the province that recently became public talks.

    Trikoranti said her agency along with Central Kalimantan Health Agency on Wednesday, August 21, inspected stores selling traditional medicine in the city.

    At that time, her staffers found many bajakah sellers overstated the plant and many sellers offering traditional medicine sans licenses.

    “So we call in those traders for training and warn them to not over claim their products as well as order them to immediately request a distribution permit if they are willing to produce and sell jamu or herbal drinks,” she concluded.