Dexamethasone Only Exclusively Used Under Doctor's Perscription



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Society of Respirology (PDPI) chairperson and pulmonologist Agus Dwi Susanto on Monday reminded people to not purchase and consume hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, and dexamethasone without a doctor’s receipt due to the nature of the drugs. 

    “People are advised against improper usage. The use of these drugs is only permitted under doctor’s recommendation under established indications,” said Agus in a statement uploaded on Youtube today.

    The use of dexamethasone can only be given to COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms under the assistance of ventilators and that the medication is only recommended to treat patients early in the treatment as it would have little to no effect if given in the latter stages of a patient’s treatment. 

    Meanwhile, the use of chloroquine dan hydroxychloroquine can only be handed to inpatients that are above 50-years of age, has no heart diseases, and must stop the treatment if severe side effects are shown by the patients. 

    “These considerations are the basis to make these medications not able to be used unattended,” said Agus. 

    Professor of University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Medicine, Professor Akmal Taher said that without a doctor’s prescription the aforementioned medications will not only have no positive healing effects but also cause hazardous side effects to a COVID-19 patient.

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