Here are Ways to Maintain Your Immune System

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Human's immune system has an important roles in protecting the human body from virus, bacteria and other harmful stuffs. Therefore, when the immunity drop down, there will be symptoms.

    Among the symptoms that may occur are excessive sleepiness, stress, absentminded, weight gain and digestive issues.

    The aforementioned symptoms might lead to illness such as cold, flu, fever and sore throat.

    Nicole Avena, an Assistant Professor of Neuroscience in Mount Sinai Medical School said that the human immune system basically is what keep us healthy and fought infection.

    To maintain immunity, there are two ways that can be done, namely are creating a healthy lifestyle and consume nutritious food.

    In creating a healthy lifestyle, one can start with something simple like waking up early, going out for a morning run, routinely workout, stop smoking and get enough sleep.

    If one is trying for a healthy lifestyle, a healthy and nutritious food is inseparable. There are many kinds of nutritious food that can be consumed to maintain the immune system such as vegetables, spices that contains allicin and fruits.

    Seafood is also a good fit for a healthy food, for they contain omega-3 and protein. Don't forget to drink a lot of water, aside from helping the immune system, it also keeps you dehydrated.

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