Jakarta Health Protocol Obedience Drops Parallel to COVID-19 Case Growth



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaJakarta Governor Anies Baswedan in Sunday’s statement revealed a 70 percent drop in percentage of people’s health protocol obedience during the past week which referred to data from University of Indonesia’s faculty of public health as of November 21.

    He cites that the people wearing face masks had dropped to 65 percent while implementation of physical distancing and hand-washing had dropped to 60 and 30 percent. The three aforementioned health protocol aspects are known as the 3M protocol.

    This comes as a stark contrast to October that recorded an average of 75 percent obedience level for the government’s 3M program. 

    “The percentage of people’s obedience towards 3M protocols must reach a minimum of 80 percent to be able to control the COVID-19 infection rate,” wrote Anies Baswedan in Sunday’s statement on the extension of the transitional PSBB social restriction.

    He revealed that this comes parallel with the capital city’s daily COVID-19 case growth but did not link it to the major crowd gatherings in welcoming home Rizieq Shihab on November 10 and two more public events involving his presence. Rizieq Shihab is FPI’s leader who had returned to Indonesia following his self-proclaimed exile in Saudi Arabia. 

    However, the BNPB chief Doni Monardo confirmed that Jakarta’s Petamburan area - notoriously known to be the base for FPI members - had become a new COVID-19 cluster after 7 people had tested positive.

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