10 Exotic Destinations in Natuna



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Batam - The issue of China's territorial claims of Natuna Waters has been heated, prompting President Joko Widodo to directly inspect the region.

    Natuna is rich with natural beauty such as mines, flora, and fauna, among others. The region also boasts amazing tourist destinations.

    Here are the 10 tourist destinations in one of Indonesia’s outermost regions.

    1. Senua Island

    Senua Island is located near Sepempang Village, Bunguran Timur District. The island is situated in the South China Sea, which has now become a polemic due to its proximity to Eastern Malaysia. A section of Senua Island is a dedicated natural conservation, while other sections of the island have gorgeous underwater scenery and a cave bird’s nest.

    2. Alif Stone Park Natuna

    Homestay at Alif Stone Park, Natuna. Tempo/Rita Nariswari

    Alif Stone Park is yet to become familiar with Indonesian travelers. However, it has become a highly popular destination for tourists from overseas, especially Singapore and Thailand. Alif Stone Park has a stunning seaside view. Located not too far away from Ranai, this tourist destination has huge stone boulders positioned along a clearwater beach.

    3. Datuk Natuna Bay

    Datuk Natuna Bay has a rocky vista, punctuated with white pristine sands. The location is one hour away from Ranai, Natuna.

    4. Sindu Stone Park Natuna

    The beaches in Natuna are characteristically unique. As stone boulders soar up towards the sky, waves break ashore on the white sand beaches. In Sindu Stone Park Natuna, those stone boulders are enveloped with moss, as lush trees punctuate its surroundings.

    5. Sedanau Island

    Sedanau Island, locally known as Setanau Island, has beautiful pristine beaches with towering boulders and clear water.

    6. Natuna Mangrove 

    The role of nature preservation is shouldered by The Natuna Mangrove. This self-subsistent mangrove forest is built by the locals and is situated in the estuary of the Semitan River.

    7. Natuna Great Mosque

    Natuna Great Mosque in Ranai

    One of the most popular religious destinations in Natuna is the Natuna Great Mosque. The Great Mosque, built in 2007, is located in Ranai City, East Bunguran, Natuna Regency, Riau Islands.

    8. Sri Serindit Museum

    This museum harbors treasure troves found in the depths of Natuna Waters. Although humble in appearance, the museum exhibits precious artifacts. Sri Serindit Museum is located in Ranai Darat, a 30-minute drive away from the capital city of Natuna Regency, Ranai City.

    9. Piwang Beach

    Former Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, has once ranked this charming beach, located in the heart of Ranai City, as one of the most beautiful beaches. 

    10. Lampa Natuna Strait

    This strait has amazing views of bodies of water veiled with lush green hills. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque scene while banqueting on the local fishermen’s freshly caught fish from the Lampa Natuna Strait.