Jakarta Transport Agency: Odd-Even Policy Reduces Pollution



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Jakarta Transportation Agency claims the city’s pollution levels had dropped due to the extended odd-even vehicle number plate policy. The agency also claims that the number of violations up to average traffic speeds shows positive development. 

    “The travel time of vehicles in traffic increased from an average of 25 km/hour to 28km/hour. Meanwhile, the traffic volume has also dropped 29.58 percent. As for air quality, there is a significant drop for PM 2.5 pollutants in Kelapa Gading with an average drop of 22 percent,” said Jakarta’s Transportation Agency’s Head, Syafrin Liputo on Tuesday.

    Syafrin also stated that there is a similar dropping trend of traffic violations related to the odd-even policy. 

    “It’s almost similar on average. But the lowest is in South Jakarta, it has a pretty low number,” said Syafrin who also reveals that Transjakarta users also show a slight increase of 12 percent.