Odd-Even Policy; Jakarta Anticipate Congestion in Alternate Roads



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaJakarta Transportation Agency claimed it has anticipated potential congestion in a number of city’s alternative roads that are not affected by the odd-even policy. The provincial administration expanded the affected areas up to 25 roads.

    “We, along with the police officers, have predicted potential traffic density in alternative roads as people avoid this policy,” said the agency head Syafrin Liputo in the City Hall, Jakarta, Wednesday, August 7.

    Syafrin said that his side will engineer the traffic lights and deploy traffic officers to handle the congestion. “We will also monitor it through the CCTV cameras that are integrated with our traffic control room,” he added.

    Previously reported, the agency determined to expand the vehicle restriction policy to 25 roads in a bid to help improve Jakarta's traffic and environment. The odd-even policy trial run has been started from August 7 until September 8.