Monday, 23 September 2019

5 Climbing Routes on Mount Merbabu Closed in October  

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  • Mount Merbabu. TEMPO/Nur Septia Wilda

    Mount Merbabu. TEMPO/Nur Septia Wilda

    TEMPO.CO, Boyolali - All climbing routes in Mount Merbabu National Park will be temporarily closed on October 8 to 31.

    “The climbing routes need repair and maintenance, to maintain the safety of visitors and climbers,” said Head of the Mount Merbabu National Park Center (BTNGMb) Edy Sutiyarto on Friday, September 27. BTNGMb also issued a circular letter dated today and is immediately socialized.

    According to the Head of BTNGMb's administration division, Johan Setiawan, a number of climbing routes are currently in a quite dangerous condition. “The traps have been slid because they were eroded, making them slippery and dangerous for climbers,” said Johan.

    Johan said that there were many new traces made by climbers so they would not slip. “These new traces are feared to threaten the preservation of Edelweiss (endemic plants on Mount Merbabu),” he said.

    Mount Merbabu has five official climbing routes, namely the Selo Route in Tarubatang Village, Selo District, Boyolali, Cunthel Route in Kopeng Village, Thekelan Route in Batur Village, Getasan District, Semarang Regency, Suwanting Route in Banyuroto Village, Sawangan District and Wekas Route in Kenalan Village, Pakis District, Magelang Regency.