Sandiaga Uno Blames Kalibata City Residents over Prostitution

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  • Kalibata City apartment, Jakarta. TEMPO/ M Iqbal Ichsan

    Kalibata City apartment, Jakarta. TEMPO/ M Iqbal Ichsan

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno said, to remove the practice of prostitution in Kalibata City Apartments, it should be the responsibility of the managers and residents. Because the illegitimate business increased was not because of the weak supervision of its manager.

    "Those who violate the law are the residents (not managers)," said Sandiaga in Senayan area, South Jakarta, Sunday, July 8. "Therefore the residents must be given sanctions for violating the rules."

    Sandiaga claimed to have met several times with the manager to discuss the issue of prostitution in the apartment. So far, he believed that the managers are already carrying out supervisory functions properly.

    The police revealed again the practice of prostitution in Kalibata City Apartments last week. Two people were arrested and named as suspects for the alleged role as pimps. In fact, they employ three underage girls as sex workers.

    In February, police also uncovered similar cases in the area. Of the four people arrested, one of them acted as a pimp. An apartment-cleaning worker was also involved in this business. He played a role in delivering customers to the specified units.

    Sandiaga appealed to the apartment manager to coordinate with the police so that similar cases would not happen again. However, this step would be useless if it does not involve the residents of the apartment.

    "To remove prostitution there, it needs cooperation between the managers, tenants, and residents," said Sandiaga Uno. "If you see something (suspicious), report it and we will take action immediately."