Jokowi, Alumni 212 Discuss Criminalization of Ulemas

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Team 11 Leader of Alumni 212 Misbahul Anam said the meeting between President Jokowi and Alumni 212 Brotherhood only discussed the criminalization of ulemas.

    "Team 11 provides more accurate information for President Jokowi," Misbahul said, in Jakarta on Wednesday, April 25.

    Team 11 urged the President to immediately stop the criminalization of ulema.

    "In the past, the President said there would be no criminalization of the cleric, but the facts we found it still occurred," Misbahul said.

    The meeting between Jokowi and the Alumni 212 cleric is closed and unpublished. Secretary of Team 11 Alumni 212 Ulama Muhammad Al Khaththath said during the meeting his party was prohibited to bring a mobile phone so that no photos or recordings during the meeting.

    Supposedly, said Al Khaththath, the palace kept the meeting to not widespread.

    "If it is closed, the meeting should not be opened." Because of its condition, Alumni 212 also did not want to publicize the meeting.

    The meeting was revealed from a photograph in circulation. It showed Jokowi and a number of clerics were in a mosque. It was later known that the meeting took place on 22 April.

    Jokowi also admitted the meeting. He said it was an ordinary meeting to establish a relationship between the umara and ulama. It began with Zuhr prayer in congregation and lunch.

    Mishabul regretted the spreading photo of Alumni 212 meeting with President Jokowi. According to him, there is a third party who deliberately spread the photo to pit the sheep of the president with the cleric.

    "We ask the President to investigate the leak of the meeting," said Team Leader 11 Alumni 212 Misbahul.