5 Makeup Tools Every Women Should Own

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Not all women are fond of dressing up and wear makeups, some choose to look simple and natural and spend way less time in front of the mirror.

    However, women described above might still find use in these five makeup tools that we compiled.

    1. Lip Makeup

    Indonesian actress and rising star Putri Marino (24) said that the lipstick and lip tints are arguably the two most essential lip makeups for women like her that often prefer to look casual with minimal makeup.

    “The important thing is to make your lips look slightly colored, even though I have no problem with plain looks,” said Putri.

    2. Moisturizer

    Your face must always be hydrated and protected. According to Dr. Ricky Fernando Maharis from Votre Peau, the moisturizers of choice must contain SPF to protect the skin from UV rays.

    “Sunlight’s UVA and UVB can spark burnt skin sensation, early aging, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Moisturizers with a 30 SPF can protect your skin from 93 percent UV rays while 50 SPF can protect against 97 percent UV ray,” he explained.

    3. Beauty powder

    President Clinique Laboratories, Scott Miselnicky, recommends women on using translucent beauty powders that can merge with the color of your skin without changing it significantly. “Translucent powders are great in controlling oily faces,” he said.

    4. Eye makeup

    The cosmetic you might need is an eyeshadow, which has multiple functions to dramatically change your looks, however, use eyeshadows with natural colors such as chocolate, grey, crème, orange, or beige.

    5. Mascara

    Mascaras can bring some sort of character and is a dramatic take on your eyes, even without eyeliners. Maskaras could be used as a replacement for eyebrow pencils in an emergency situation.