Low Electability Because Prabowo Hasn`t Done Anything Yet: Party

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  • Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto

    Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Gerindra Party regional leadership council (DPP) chairman Muhammad Taufik admitted Prabowo Subianto had lower electability rate as a presidential candidate than Jokowi. Taufik argued that was due to Gerindra Chairman has yet made a move.

    He assessed, there is still time to increase Prabowo electability rate by conducting many programs. “Even he hasn’t done anything, the electability rate is still high,” said Taufik at Doubletree Hotel, Central Jakarta, Monday, March 12.

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    In last February, a survey institution Poltracking Indonesia revealed Jokowi electability rate was at 55.9 percent and Prabowo at 29.9 percent. Based on Indo Barometer survey in December 2017, the rate was 34.9 percent for Jokowi and Prabowo was at 12.1 percent. While, based on PolMark survey, Jokowi gained 50,2 percent and 22 percent for Prabowo electability.

    In the recent survey conducted by Sinergi Data Indonesia in South Sulawesi, Jokowi’s popularity was up to 98.60 percent with satisfaction level at 85.90 percent. As for Prabowo, the popularity rate was at 86.30 percent and the satisfaction level was at 80.30 percent.

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    DPP Gerindra party’s official Prasetyo Hadi claimed to not afflicted by poll results concluded by many survey institutions on Prabowo electability rate which below Jokowi’s.

    Prasetyo stated the survey on Prabowo electability rate was only as a consideration to formulate strategies ahead, not as a tool to determine the winner. “We believe we’ll win, by God’s will,” he said.