SIM Card Registration Blockage will be Done Gradually

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Communication and Informatics Ministry announced that prepaid SIM card numbers who failed to register on time will be gradually blocked through several stages.

    As previously reported, the government introduced a mandatory registration program affecting hundreds of million Indonesian prepaid SIM card owners in October of 2017. The registration period ended on February 28, 2018.

    “Firstly, we will evaluate this thoroughly since we must improve our service to the public and improve industrial efficiency," said Rudiantara, Communication and Informatics Minister today, March 1.

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    Regarding the gradual blocking process, Rudiantara said that prepaid SIM card users that have yet registered before the deadline can still receive text messages or SMS and incoming phone calls.

    “They can still register their number by using the 4444 SMS service. But it would gradually change again after that period ends,” he said.

    Following numerous complaints where users were unable to register their prepaid SIM card, Rudiantara is optimistic that it would be resolved.

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    “Just so that there would be no further hesitation, just use the family card (KK) number, because it also contains the identity card (NIK) number. More than 200 million people successfully registered, so it has to be right. I think the majority has completed it,” he said.

    The government’s mandatory registration program is meant to improve the security of mobile network transactions and at the same time to protect prepaid SIM card users from criminal activities. The ministry’s records suggest that there are more than 305 million SIM card owners who have registered before the deadline.