Pilot Killed in Paniai Helicopter Crash

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  • Fallen helicopter illustration. Getty Images

    Fallen helicopter illustration. Getty Images

    TEMPO.CO, Jayapura - A Bell 206-L4 Helicopter owned by PT Amur, crashed at 08:15 Eastern Indonesia Time (WIT) near Degeuwo River, in Bogobaida District in the Regency of Paniai, while en route from Nabire to Deguwo on Saturday, June 4, 2016 - killing its' pilot, Sr. Comr. Kasmana (ret.)

    The Head of Paniai Police, Adj. Sr. Comr. Leonard Nabu said to Antara that the helicopter was carrying three passengers - Asmar, Ajo, and Darwis - as well as 314 kilograms worth of goods when it crashed.

    The body of the pilot is currently being evacuated from the crash site and will be flown out to Nabire, while the passengers are currently undergoing treatments for their injuries in Nabire's General Hospital.

    Leonard said that Asmar had told him that the passengers felt the helicopter was buffeted by a gust of wind before it crashed. "The passengers only sustained minor injuries," he said.