Indonesian Popular Names on Coca Cola Bottles

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - In welcoming the celebration of Indonesia's 70th Independence Day, Coca Cola will include 70 most popular names in Indonesia in its packaging for a "Share A Coke" campaign which has already been held in 80 other countries.

    “We look for popular names in Indonesia with internal research, and from other sources such as names of participants of the National Selection for College Entry,” Coca Cola Indonesia Marketing Manager Suryanto Gunawan said in Jakarta on Wednesday, August 12.

    Names that are widely used in Indonesia including Ayu, Dwi, Angga, Indra, Ilham, Dinda, Agung, Rizki, Reza and Adit will decorate the packaging of the carbonated beverage.

    Suryanto said there will later be additional Indonesian popular names listed in Coca Cola’s 250ml and 425ml bottles.

    “There are still other list of names,”said Suryanto in the hope to boost sales of the product.

    Since August until the end of the year, the company has produced Coca Cola packaging with Indonesian names listed in the bottle.

    Coca Cola will also print colloquial words in the packaging such as “sayang”, and activities and group identity like, “nobar”, “bikers” and “anak bola” for a larger packaging of 1 liter and 1,5 liter bottles.

    Discovering bottles with their own name written on it is expected to give a unique experience to customers. “We want to make people smile when discovering their name,” said Communication Manager Coca Cola Indonesia Andrew Hallatu.