Opera to Develop Mobile Advertising in Indonesia

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Opera web browser is currently planning to develop mobile advertisement in Indonesia due to its high potential.

    "Although [mobile advertisement] business is fairly new in Indonesia, its growth is significant," Fabrizio Caruso, Senior Vice President of Opera Asia stated at Jakarta, Tuesday, October 22.

    He added that Opera has been developing mobile advertisement business in Indonesia since the middle of 2013. Caruso said that the growth of mobile advertisement in Indonesia is in line with the growth of mobile internet users.

    Indonesia has the second largest number of Opera users in the world, which constitutes a total of 350 million active users worldwide.

    "We're pleased because Indonesians choose Opera," Caruso said.

    Caruso is confident that mobile advertisement business will grow in Indonesia. He cited a research that showed that worldwide mobile advertisement market growth had increased from US$ 5 billion to US$ 8 billion in 2013.