Volkswagen Name New CEO to Gain Public Trust

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  • Ilustrasi skandal emisi Volkswagen (VW). AP/Nick Ut

    Ilustrasi skandal emisi Volkswagen (VW). AP/Nick Ut

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-World-class automotive company Volkswagen Group or Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (VW AG) attempts to revive itself by calling the best figure to help deal with scandal impacts from emission scandal which caught the public’s attention.

    She is Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt who previously worked for renown truck manufacturer Daimler. Dennhardt will officially take over managament which has been specifically formed by Volkswagen to handle emission scandal in early 2016.

    In order to deal with the matter, Volkswagen CEO Hans Dieter Poetsch previously contacted his associate in Daimler, Manfred Bischoff, to approve in accelerating the resignation of Dennhardt.

    Poetsch also expressed his gratitude towards Daimler which indirectly had provided assistance to the company. Dennhardt’s contract in VW ends in February 2017.

    Head of Automotive Research Center in the University of Duisburg in Germany, Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, said Daimler is one of the company that supported VW to win back the public trust.

    Dennhardt has frequently entangled with legal issues up to the age of 65. She was recruited by Daimler in February 2011 to supervise authority and legal ethics of German automotive industry. Dennhardt previously served as a judge in the German constitutional court for 11 years.