Densus 88 Reveals Terrorist Network Funded by Infaq, Crypto



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesian Police's Counterterrorism Special Detachment, Densus 88, revealed a number of sources of terrorist network funding. According to Densus 88 member Goentoro Wisnoe Tjahjono, terror acts were funded from infaq, donations, crypto, and online lending, as well as from foreign terror organizations and international network, also fa'i.

    "The fund is used for terror acts," said Goentoro in a written statement of The Bahtsul Masail Institute for Jakarta Regional Management of the Nahdlatul Ulama (LBM PWNU) quoted by Tempo on Saturday, December 11. He added that the funding is also used to pay the structural administrators, acommodation and training, as well as the supply of terrorism logistical supports.

    In addition, it is used to fund the transportation and venture capital assistance for the members. Not to forget the recruitment, doctrine, physical training, as well as bomb and weapon purchase.

    This was stated in the discussion under the theme of 'Terrorism Funding' held by Jakarta LBM PWNU on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

    Besides Goentoro, the discussion was attended by Wahid Foundation director Mujtaba Hamdi, and two LBM PWNU DKI administrators of Contra Terorism division; Mujahiddin Nur and Soffa Ihsan.

    Jakarta LBM PWNU administrator, Asnawi Ridwan, criticized on the people's donation that is used to fund terror acts. "This is haram and must be condemned as a despicable and heinous act."

    He said that the donation is supposed to be useful for the public, such as alms, grants, and to build mosques or schools. It must not be misused to fund terrorist networks.

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