Densus 88 Nabs 2 Terrorists Linked to Jamaah Islamiyah



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The national police counterterrorism unit Densus 88 on Wednesday arrested two suspected terrorists linked to the Jamaah Islamiyah (JI) group in East Luwu, South Sulawesi. This arrest was confirmed by national police spokesperson Brig. Gen. Rusdi Hartono.

    “Confirmed. There was an arrest in East Luwu,” said Hartono on December 1, Antaranews reported. “Both of them are members of JI.”

    The two suspected terrorists are identified as M and AA who were arrested in separate locations on November 24 and November 26. 

    Prior to this arrest, Densus 88 had already nabbed three suspected terrorists linked to the Jamaah Islamiyah cell in Bekasi. Those arrested were Farid Ahmad Okbah, Ahmad Zain An Najah and Anung Al Hamat.

    Three of these men have been named suspects and are now undergoing thorough police investigation. Farid Okbah and Zain An Najah were arrested for their involvement as financiers of the terrorist group under the institution dubbed Amil Zakat Baitul Mal Abdurahman Bin Auf (LAM BM ABA).

    Meanwhile, Anung Al Hamad is a cofounder of the Perisai Nusantara Emas, an organization linked to the Jamaah Islamiyah that acts as the terrorist group’s advocacy team, assisting members that face legal issues. 

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