Defendant in Child Rape Case Acquitted; Victims' Mother Reportedly Depressed



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Banda Aceh Legal Aid director, Syahrul, said that the condition of the victims' mother after Aceh Sharia Court acquitted the defendant of child rape case, was depressed. "The mother is severely depressed, she called me this morning, crying," Syahrul said when contacted on Saturday, October 9.

    Especially after she heard one of the judges' considerations in acquitting her ex-husband. The judge, said Syahrul, deemed that the victims' mother reported her ex husband for revenge. Meanwhile, based on doctor's examination, the raping did happened.

    According to Syahrul, the family agreed to be assisted by LBH Banda Aceh. They have reported the acquittal to the Commission 1o of Aceh's House of Representatives' (DPR). He hoped that DPR Aceh would immediately summon the Chief Justice of the Sharia Constitutional Court for clarification regarding this acquittal. "This isn't the first acquittal in the rape case," Syahrul said.

    Aceh Shariah Court acquitted the child rape case defendant, SU. The verdict at the appeal level overturned the verdict in the first instance that sentenced the defendant to 180 months in prison.

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