Papuan Human Rights Activist Hopes No Civilian Casualty in TNI-KKB Conflict



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A Papuan human rights activist, Theo Hesegem, hoped that there will be no casualty in the conflict between Indonesian Military and Police (TNI-Polri) and the armed criminal group (KKB), like what happened to a healthcare worker in Pegunungan Bintang.

    "Healthcare workers are humanitarian workers, so they must be treated humanely. We don't understand why recently the civilians became victims," he said in Wamena, Saturday, September 18.

    Civilians, such as medical workers and teachers, should not be involved when there is a shootout between TNI and KKB.

    "If they are treated that way, healthcare services will be disrupted as the medical workers won't feel safe when serving people," the Papuan activist added.

    He regretted the death of the healthcare worker, hoping that the government would form a team to investigate the incident.

    Theo said that there was an allegation suggesting that it was done by OPM, while the other party said the shooting happened after one of the doctors took out a weapon. "But I won't believe statements from both parties," he remarked.

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