Bekasi Regional Hospital Overloaded; Patients Examined in Pickup Truck



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • Illustration of COVID-19 patient treatment. REUTERS

    Illustration of COVID-19 patient treatment. REUTERS

    TEMPO.CO, Bekasi - The Director of Bekasi Regional Hospital, Kusnanto Saidi, confirmed the viral video footage showing people queuing in the emergency tent in front of the hospital’s emergency room this morning, June 25. The video footage also showed a number of patients lying on the side of the road and a patient being observed by a healthcare worker in a pickup truck.

    “We have initially set up 30 beds in this triage tent, but we cannot reject people coming [here],” said Kusnanto to reporters today, June 25.

    This morning, the dr. Chasbullah Abdulmajid Regional Hospital recorded more than 40 patients queuing in the emergency tent, exceeding the number of available beds.

    The hospital management provided treatment for patients who did not get a bed in wheelchairs. The triage tent aimed at identifying COVID-19 patients from those who are not because the emergency room could no longer accommodate patients. Thus, every patient who cannot present a swab test result is obliged to undergo a COVID-19 swab test.

    “Hopefully, the screening completes quickly so patients can undergo treatment,” he added.

    Kusnanto said there was a surge in COVID-19 patients at the Bekasi Regional Hospital. All existing beds totaling 265 have been fully occupied. Even if the number is increased by 100, the bed capacity is still insufficient, so many patients are referred to other hospitals. “Patients who are referred [to other hospitals] have PCR results,” he said.

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