Skateboarding Community Speaks Following Thamrin Incident



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta Skateboarding community admitted wrongdoing committed by one of its members in an incident at Central Jakarta's Thamrin sidewalk on Wednesday. However, the community’s representative and seasoned skateboarder Satria Vijie said that they disagree with the forceful nature used to enforce the law. 

    “It can be said that the skateboarder [in the incident] was wrong. But the Satpol PP (public order agency) personnel were at fault too by committing violence,” said Vijie in an interview with Antara news agency on Thursday night, March 4. 

    He believed that the incident went viral mainly due to the forceful aspect committed by Satpol PP personnel. Vijie said punishments for Covid-19 health protocol violations should be imposed without force and added that every violation should get equal treatment. 

    Moreover, the skateboard community has agreed to put the incident in the past and look to the future. 

    On March 3, a video spread on social media showed skateboarders and Satpol PP personnel involved in a heated confrontation that happened around the Hotel Mandarin sidewalk area in Thamrin, Central Jakarta. It showed the authorities attempting to secure two skateboarders to a nearby Satpol PP headquarters after the incident caused a crowd to form.

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