Jakarta Deputy Respond to a Viral Skateboard Incident



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria on Thursday said the capital city government prohibits sidewalks from any skateboard-related activities. His statement came after a viral video on social media showed the public order agency (Satpol PP) personnel clashing with 2 young skateboarders on a sidewalk.

    The video showed two Satpol PP personnel forcefully taking away the skateboards from two people who were skateboarding on the sidewalk at Thamrin. This incident was recorded by one of the skateboarders, @afnnnlambe, who quipped Satpol PP’s actions he believes sidelined people exercising.

    “Skateboard activities over sidewalks are not allowed as there are already facilities that accommodate the activity,” said the Jakarta Deputy Governor on Thursday, March 4.

    Riza referred to skateboard parks that are already available across the capital city. One of them is located nearby at the Gelora Bung Karno area in Central Jakarta.

    He also cited the many complaints that were filed by pedestrians using the sidewalks in Jakarta. “Many residents have filed complaints and protests,” said Riza Patria. “The Satpol PP had disciplined [the skateboarders] according to the rules and procedure; which are allowed and which are not.”

    The deputy governor noted that the incident blew up was just a coincidence as the government claims the disciplinary action is to protect the safety of Jakartans and the skateboarders, as he said that the skateboarders did not wear face masks. “It’s a coincidence it went viral but actually there were violations committed.”

    Immediately after this incident, Governor Anies Baswedan met with a seasoned figure in the skateboard world, Satria Vijie, who announced the result of the discussion through his Instagram account @SatriaVijie and  resolved several issues.

    Among other agreements between Vijie and Anies Baswedan, they agreed to let sidewalks coninue to be used for skateboard activities that are done wisely; respect and put forth pedestrians’ rights; and banning cat calling on passing pedestrians.