Tempo Clinches 2020 Adinegoro Award with "Jalan Pedang Dai Kampung"



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaTempo weekly magazine has won the 2020 Adinegoro Award in the category of Print Media with the coverage titled “Jalan Pedang Dai Kampung” by Devy Ernis and her team, Aisha Saidra, and Dini Pramita published in the magazine’s July 27, 2020 edition.

    The article chronicles the roles of male and female Islamic preachers in remote areas in spreading peace, tolerance, and equality. They also empower students and the community around the Islamic boarding schools, or locally known pesantren, to solve daily life problems.

    Tempo magazine Chief Editor Wahyu Dhyatmika said this journalistic award was a recognition of the quality of Tempo's articles.

    “This triumph is even more meaningful because the report carries the theme of ulemas who are striving to spread a peaceful Islam and inter-religious tolerance. Since its first publication, Tempo has always raised similar themes about the importance of maintaining religious harmony, respecting differences and diversity in Indonesia,” said Wahyu on Friday, Jan. 22.

    The presiding juror of the Adinegoro Award in the category of Print Media, Maria D. Andriana, revealed several reasons for granting the journalism award.

    “[The writing tells about] current issues, relates to us, presents a better understanding of the problem,” said Maria. The two other jurors were Asro Kamal Rokan and Ahmed Kurnia S.

    The complete story about the male and female preachers in remote regions can be accessed in Tempo magazine’s July 27, 2020 edition: Jalan Pedang Dai Kampung and is available in English under the title Preaching Tolerance.

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