OJK Speaks Up about Maybank Indonesia Legal Feud with Customer



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Financial Services Authority (OJK) on Tuesday hints that it might interfere with the legal feud between Maybank Indonesia and one of its customers who had reportedly lost Rp22 billion from her account in the bank. 

    OJK deputy commissioner of public relations and logistics, Anto Prabowo, said in a program aired in MetroTV on November 10 that he highly respects the ongoing legal proceedings currently taking place but will attempt to mediate both parties in conflict. 

    “We will continue to respect the legal proceeding but there might be commitments to have the two parties meet,” said the OJK representative. “Maybe Maybank can place some funds in an escrow account to show their commitment.”

    Despite not guaranteeing the customer that her money will be returned, Anto guarantees that Maybank Indonesia have contributed to settling the case. 

    The customer, Winda Lunardi, claims her savings of Rp22 billion had disappeared from her account she set up in the bank, which she first opened in 2014 taking form as a current bank account that had not meddled with this account since she opened it. 

    However, Maybank Indonesia, legally represented by renowned lawyer Hotman Paris, revealed some suspicions regarding her account with one of it being Winda not having a savings book in her possession and let one Maybank branch leader keep hold of it.

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