Military Tank Accidentally Crashes into Parked Vehicles



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaA military parade taking place in the Cipatat sub-district, West Bandung, on Thursday saw an unfortunate incident where one of the AMX-13 tanks maneuvering through a public street lost control and hit a street food cart along with a number of motorcycles parked roadside.

    Based on the video circulating on social media platforms, the first tank in the parade managed to make the 90-degree corner without incident but the second one seemingly overestimated the corner and steered too deep into the inside of the corner, where the motorcycles and food cart were parked. 

    Fortunately, official reports suggest no casualties or injuries were reported in this incident. The tanks came from the direction of the Sagulang PLTA (hydropower plant) following a military exercise. 

    “There were four vehicles ruined in the incident along with one street food cart. They have been compensated by the Yonkav [Indonesian Army/TNI AD],” said the Head of the Cipatat traffic police, Nana on Thursday, September 10. 

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