Coronavirus: How To Manage Stress While Working from Home



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Psychologist Maya Sita from the Islamic philanthropy organization Dompet Dhuafa talked about stress management and how to cope with the psychological pressures resulting from home isolation following the nationwide coronavirus social restriction policies. 

    “It can be done through emotion-focused coping, which is a strategy of an individual in managing stress by focusing their emotions on the stressors,” said Maya in Friday’s Dompet Dhuafa press conference.

    Another way to cope with stress amid the coronavirus outbreak is to regulate emotional reactions by restraining or regulating feelings. 

    “Practicing positive reinterpretation or by taking lessons from occurrences through acceptance,” said Maya Sita. 

    Another way to anticipate stress due to working from home is by explaining to family members about the work situation and establish a supportive environment without disruptions.

    Maya added it was necessary to create a physical space at home that helped someone focus on the work at hand, which would keep a person from engaging in unnecessary activities such as dwelling through social media timelines. 

    “Establish a positive emotion by stating positive words since early in the morning, change your mindset to a growth zone orientation, not a locked-down mindset and continue to maintain connections with links,” said the Dompet Dhuafa psychologist.