MUI Declares 'Mudik' as Haram for People from Covid-19 Epicenter



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaIndonesian Ulema Council (MUI) declared haram for people to return to their hometown or known as mudik if they have been in cities/regencies with high numbers of confirmed Covid-19 cases, said Secretary-General Anwar Abbas.

    Anwar elaborated that an exodus of people from regions with zero virus infection to coronavirus-free regions will not cause a problem.

    However, people from the epicenter of the pandemic are prohibited from traveling to other regions.

    “Because, it is highly predicted that they can transmit the virus to others, let alone it is infectious and deadly. So those people who return to their hometown have committed a forbidden act,” Anwar told Tempo on Friday, April 3.

    He opined that the government had taken the right step to ban mass exodus amid the pandemic. “It is even an obligation because if it is not restricted, greater catastrophe may certainly occur later,” Anwar remarked.

    The government’s appeal, Anwar went on, was in line with the words of Allah: "Do not throw yourself into destruction" and the guidance of Prophet Muhammad which forbids people from entering areas with an outbreak and leaving areas with an outbreak while being at it.