Nadiem Makarim Urged to Liberate Campuses from Sexual Harassment



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The women’s movement against violence Gerak Perempuan on Monday, February 10, gathered at the Education and Cultural Affairs Ministry’s headquarters to demand Minister Nadiem Makarim to produce a campus policy protecting students against sexual harassment. 

    Joining the rally, Latifa Widuri Retyaningtyas demanded the government to; “formulate a regulation demanding campuses to create comprehensive sexual harassment prevention and mitigation system that sides with the victims.”

    According to Latifa, this rally is to show solidarity to all victims of sexual harassment cases within campus environments. She also said it is mainly to support the Padang State University student, Bunga, and Gadjah Mada University student Agni, who were victimized by sexual harassment cases. 

    In terms of Nadiem Makarim’s “campus liberation” program, Latifa argues that the spirit to liberate campus residents, mainly females, is yet to be seen. “The liberation from sexual harassment is yet to be included in the pillars to achieve freedom of thought and creativity,” she said. 

    Moreover, Gerak Perempuan demands Minister Nadiem Makarim to terminate the college lecturer suspected of sexual harassment and to establish an independent body to exclusively handle sexual harassment cases in the campus environment.