Environmental Group Walhi Wins Lawsuit Against Aceh Governor



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) has won the lawsuit against the Governor of Aceh at the Banda Aceh state administrative court (PTUN) over the governor’s use of forest area permit that was issued for PT Kamirzu to construct a hydropower plant.

    “This verdict is a landmark victory for the people, a healthy environment and the fulfillment of the rights to the environment is a form of justice we gained today,” said Walhi Aceh Director Muhammad Nur in his written statement on Wednesday.

    PT Kamirzu is a foreign capital investor that uses 4,407 hectares of land at the Gayo Lues area and had planned to construct the hydro plant at the Aceh Tamiang District. Walhi’s lawsuit was granted as the court deemed Aceh governor had issued a permit that was not his to issue since the governor only has authority to issue a non-commercial permit under 5 hectares.

    Muhammad Nur reminded of the verdict’s relevance since past experiences suggest that local administrations and corporations would often find loopholes to affect a court’s verdict as seen in a past case involving Semen Indonesia in Central Java.

    He also thanked the panel of judges who he thinks have handled the matter in great detail, which granted the win to litigants. Nur also thanked the panel of judges for winning environmentalists in an environmental lawsuit.