Papua Internet Block, Ombudsman RI to Summon Minister Rudiantara



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Ombudsman RI (Indonesian Republic) plans to summon the Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) Minister Rudiantara for further clarification over the government policy of limiting the internet access in Papua and West Papua that has been enacted by the ministry since last Wednesday.

    “That is certain that we will summon the Kominfo minister to clarify on the basis of his decision. If there aren’t any, then there must be a regulation overseeing [the internet curbing] to prevent any possible abuse of authority,” said Ombudsman RI member Alvin Lie to Tempo on Sunday, August 25.

    Alvin maintains that the summons on the government’s side is needed to balance their input regarding the situation. The date of the summons will be discussed further in the plenary meeting today.

    “We will establish an urgent [situation], it can be immediately implemented on Tuesday or Wednesday since it is a pressing matter,” said Alvin.

    According to Alvin, the government is potentially crossing the line and may possibly be committing maladministration and abuse of authority considering the absence of any legal basis or law overseeing the policy which has cost the general public.

    The Kominfo enacted the internet block on every cellphone service providers in Papua and West Papua to suppress the spread of hoax, misinformation, provocative calls, and racist comments, which the ministry claims is still rampant. The area’s residents currently could only communicate with each other via phone call and SMS.