Bogor Wants to Remodel Rusty Transjakarta Bus to School Bus



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Bogor - Regent Bogor Ade Yasin suggested that the hundreds of rusty old buses bearing Transjakarta label sitting in the empty land in Dramaga, Bogor could be used as a school bus.

    “It has no permit. So it’s better to be granted as a school bus, but complete the case first,” said Ade when inspecting the buses on Monday, August 5.

    According to the PPP politician, there are 300 abandoned buses and some of them looked to be functional. Thus, he expected to utilize those operative buses.

    If the buses were neglected in the location, it could create social impacts, such as the potential to be a ‘shady’ place, and it is susceptible to be mosquito nest.

    “It’s located beside highways. So I think those buses should not be kept too long here. No problem if it’s only for a while, but I oppose if it takes years because of the social impacts,” Ade underlined.

    The Regent said that she would send an objection letter to the bus owner. Because, according to her, there should be coordination between the owner and Bogor administration despite the buses were placed in the private land.

    Meanwhile, bus transportation firm PT Transjakarta spokesman, Wibowo, ensured that those 300 rusty buses in Ciputat and Bogor did not belong to his company. He said the buses came from the bus procurement project of Jakarta administration in 2013 that was then annulled.