Public Urged to be Critical on Voting Abstention Felony Charges



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Presidential Staff Office Deputy V Jaleswari Pramodawardhani called for Indonesian citizens to be critical against Article 515 and Article 531 of Law No. 7/2017 overseeing 2019 general elections.

    This law regulates the felony charges for individuals who entice other people to abstain from voting during an election, or voting abstention.

    According to Jaleswari, the law’s written provisions on the matter are still unclear. “We also need to criticize, for example, what is defined as mobilizing masses, the element of violence, and many more. What do they all really mean?” she said in a public discussion on the election legitimation and raising voter's participation in Jakarta today, March 28.

    She deeply believes that the legal threats on such activities overseen by the law are crucial to being publically informed.

    Jaleswari also wished for the 2019 general election to see a rise in voters’ participation. It is important considering that the event will see one Indonesian citizen voting for five ballots that will decide the country’s future president, House of Representatives (DPR) members, Regional Representative Councils (DPD), and Regional Legislative Council (DPRD).

    “If we don’t arrive at a voting location, we have terminated our right to vote, even though there is a public interest that needs to be fought for,” said Jaleswari Pramodawardhani.


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