Government to Review Increase in Electricity Tariffs and Fuel Prices

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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The government has agreed to review the increase in electricity tariffs and fuel prices following a four-hour consultative meeting with the House of Representatives (DPR) on Wednesday evening. The President has agreed to all points we discussed last night, said Coordinating Minister for Economy Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jakti at the State Palace on Thursday (16/1). Previously, the minister explained any decision dealing with the State Budget has to be discussed with the President. This is different to the decision to suspend telephone rates price, which was made by Minister of Transportation. Minister of Transportation Agum Gumelar gave an alternative solution by suspending the price hike in telephone rates for a certain period determined by the ministry, said Dorodjatun. However, the suspended price hike in telephone rates will be reported to the President though it is not related with the State Budget. The reason is that the government announced the hikes in telephone rates, fuel prices and electricity tariffs at the same time. (Istiqomatul Hayati/Kurniawan Tempo News Room)