Length of Stay of Foreign Tourists in Yogyakarta Still Low

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The length of stay of foreign tourists in the Special Region of Yogyakarta is still low during 2018, it is still under three days.

    Imam Pratanadi, the Head of Marketing of the Special Region of Yogyakarta Tourism Office, said that the length of stay was 2,19 days, while this year, the target is 2,9 days. In 2017, it was 2,1 days, while in 2016, it was 2,01 days.

    Imam said that the length of stay of foreign tourists could still be encouraged by increasing the tourism activities or cultural festivals. “We hope the management of each tourist destination can participate in increasing tourism and cultural events,” he said.

    According to Imam, cultural attractions can also be an effective means of promotion for each tourist attraction. He mentioned several examples, such as Art JOG, Costumfest to Jogja International Heritage Walk.

    Imam said that until now, foreign tourists visiting Yogya had reached 400,000. He is also optimistic that the target of 450,000 foreign tourists will be achieved this year.

    Imam confirmed that the visit of foreign tourists is indeed the main target of the Yogyakarta Tourism Office, in accordance with the vision of making Yogyakarta a leading tourist destination in the world.