BIN Approaches 50 Mosque Lecturers  

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  • Sutiyoso, the new Chief of the State Intelligence Agency. TEMPO/Dhemas Reviyanto

    Sutiyoso, the new Chief of the State Intelligence Agency. TEMPO/Dhemas Reviyanto

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) approached and monitored dozens of preachers who have the potential to spread radicalism after it was discovered that 41 mosques in government offices were exposed to that notion.

    “About fifteen lecturers, they are still being approached,” said BIN spokesman Wawan Hari Purwanto, in South Jakarta, Tuesday, November 20.

    Wawan said the supervision had been carried out since last June after the Islamic Boarding School and Community Development Association (P3M) submitted its research, related to 41 mosques in the ministry and state-owned enterprises exposed to radicalism. The survey was conducted on the sermon activities that were delivered by several lecturers at the mosques.

    According to Wawan, the level of dissemination of radicalism is divided into three categories, namely low category for the content that can still be tolerated, the moderate category that must be addressed. The high category that already contains lectures of war or encouraging movement towards support for ISIS or Marawi terrorist groups.

    “The high category has an effect on emotions and public opinion. It needs more decisive actions to neutralize,” he said.

    Wawan said until now BIN was still empowering intensively until the lecturers no longer spread radicalism. The guidance starts from the approach to literacy so that the lectures delivered soothing messages.

    “This is an effort so that the radicalism does not spread more widely,” he said.

    Wawan said BIN has also coordinated with related institutions and organizations, such as the Ministry of Religion, the Ulema Council and the Indonesian Mosque Council. The aim is empowerment and guidance to mosque managers and dozens of lecturers exposed to the radicalism.