Saturday, 19 October 2019

GoJek`s Pro Diversity Status Met with Uninstall Hastag

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  • GO-JEK. REUTERS/Beawiharta

    GO-JEK. REUTERS/Beawiharta

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Roughly around 11,400 Twitter users spiced up the Twitter realm since Friday last week with a hash tag urging people to uninstall the Indonesian unicorn startup, GoJek.

    The hash tag #UninstallGojek emerged after Brata Santoso, a top brass of the online transportation provider app updated his Facebook status regarding his view on diversity which mentioned about the LGBT group on the ‘coming out day’.

    In his post on Thursday, October 11, he expressed his gladness of the company’s stand on diversity and inclusion matters by adopting a non-discrimination policy towards the underrepresented LGBT group. Brata claims that GoJek had more than 30 pro LGBT employees and allies.

    "Go-Jek is taking diversity and inclusion matter to the next level by the adoption of non-discrimination policy towards the underrepresented group ie LGBT despite of being and Indonesian company," as quoted from the screen shot of Brata’s personal Facebook page that had gone viral.

    However, comments related to the hash tag were not all negative and against Brata’s personal views, and were more on the satire against others that use the hash tag to denounce the view of an individual. As tweeted by user Maria Arlene who urged people that are against it should also uninstall other apps and digital products that are produced by pro-LGBT companies.

    “Don’t just #uninstallgojek, [you should also] uninstall google, youtube, facebook, and instagram. Don’t get near any burger king or McD joints while strolling the mall. I don’t think you could afford a Haagen Dazs. Oiya, have you watched Venom? Oh that’s right, it’s a clear no-no since it’s produced by Marvel,” Arlene tweeted on Monday.

    Responding to the viral hash tag, the company’s official twitter account @gojekindonesia clarified that GoJek highly regards diversity which creates unity and harmony, which corresponds to Indonesia’s values and culture that values ‘unity in diversity’. GoJek also stated that Brata’s post is not a statement by GoJek Indonesia and is his personal interpretation of an internal event on diversity.