Female Workers to Hold Protest at State Palace

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  • TEMPO/Amston Probel

    TEMPO/Amston Probel

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Female workers who are members of the Indonesian Labor Unions Confederation (KSPI) will hold a rally in front of the State Palace tomorrow, July 25. KSPI president Said Iqbal said the action is aimed at protesting the rising prices of staple food as well as energy prices such as fuel and electricity.

    According to Said, women who are both workers and housewives are the ones who are hit the most by price hikes.

    "Prices continue to rise, resulting in a decreasing purchasing power," Said said in a press release KSPI on Tuesday, July 24.

    In the protest, Said said that workers demand three things. The first is to lower the price of staple foods. The second is to revoke Presidential Regulation No.78/2015 on cheap wages and the dismissal of the sectoral wage abolition plan. The third is to stop the employment termination and refuse the entry of unskilled foreign workers, as well as a demand to create decent jobs.

    These demands are basically the same as what labors asked for during the May Day march, which were to lower prices, raise wages, and refusing the employment of unskilled Chinese workers.

    Said said those demands have yet been fulfilled by the government.  He added that in tomorrow's protest, other union workers will join the KSPI, including the Federation of Various Industries' Union Workers (FSPASI) and others.