RupiahPlus Employee Fired for Violating SOP of Debt Collection

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Director of RupiahPlus (a financial technology or fintech-based service company), Bimo Adhiprabowo said he has terminated his employees who were collecting debts not in accordance with standard operating procedure (SOP). According to him, there are 5-6 employees who have been terminated because they were assessed to make inappropriate billing.

    "We have about five to six people terminated," he said during a press conference at the Centennial Building, Karet Semanggi, South Jakarta, Monday, July 2.

    Termination of work is done after the occurrence of incidents of debt collection actions conducted by the collector team of RupiahPlus considered to violate the privacy and was not polite. Because the debt collection was done by contacting the person who was on the contact list on the mobile phone of the borrower. The incident was revealed after some people uploaded the incident to social media.

    According to Bimo, currently, RupiahPlus already has 100 people working in the billing division or collector team. Of this amount, he still continues to investigate to verify whether the collection team is part of the RupiahPlus team or not.

    Bimo continued, did not rule out if in the future there are still workers who will be terminated. With a proven record of making a mistake that harms the customers.

    "So depending on the mistakes made under the SOP, as well as pay attention to the contract of employment they sign." If it should be terminated at the moment, the company would not hesitate," said Bimo.