399,000 Tourists Visit Monas during Eid Holiday

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  • National Monument (Monas), Jakarta. TEMPO/Frannoto

    National Monument (Monas), Jakarta. TEMPO/Frannoto

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - As of Eid al-Fitr on Friday, June 15 until Sunday, June 17, more than 399,000 tourists visited the landmark of Jakarta, the National Monument (Monas). Monas management head Munjirin said the figure subject to increase.

    “The number of visitors possibly increases but it also may decrease,” Munjirin told Tempo via a short message, on Monday, June 18.

    On Eid day, at 11:00-22:00 local times, as many as 52,318 tourists visited Monas and 6,998 people entered the monument. The figure increased on Saturday at 146,398 people visiting the site and 14,508 entering its monument.

    On Sunday or day+2 of Eid, 201,106 tourists visited the landmark and 14,508 people entered the monument. Thus as of yesterday, 399,822 tourists visited Monas and that the figure increased threefold compared to last year at 105,000 tourists.

    The increased number of visitors lead the management to limit the tourist entering the monument to only 2,600 people per day. “The elevator has limited power,” he said, explaining that at 08:00 until 17:00 only 2,000 tourists could enter the monument and at 18:30 only 600 people.

    Muhajirin mentioned the management of Monas presented the dancing fountain show during 2018 Eid holiday on June 16-23 that was commonly displayed on Saturday and Sunday night.