Ulemas Must take the Role of Spreading Messages of Peace

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin urged Ulemas to spread the words of peace during the Ramadan month. “Preachers should deliver their sermons by promoting Islamic teachings that is affectionate,” said the Minister at his office on Tuesday, May 15.

    According to Lukman, spreading the message of peace is essential especially following the series of terrorist suicide bombings during past several days. He maintains that such terror activities have nothing to do with any religion.

    He further argued that acts of terror can be pinned down as a form of misinterpretation in practicing religion. He even said that it can be considered as a religious exploitation considering its nature in creating ruptures among society.

    This is the reason why he said that terror acts such as the suicide bombings in three Surabaya Churches should be responded by messages of peace. He said that Ulemas must be able to elaborate Islam’s essential teaching that teaches affection among humans.

    However, Lukman did state that the recent terror acts has become a topic of evaluation for his ministry especially during the Ramadan month that will officially start on Thursday, May 17.