Jokowi Proclaims Indonesia will Live on for Decades

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  • President Joko Widodo or Jokowi

    President Joko Widodo or Jokowi

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) proclaimed that Indonesia will continue to stand strong for decades in the future. It is conveyed during his speech at the Indonesian Armed Forces headquarters in Cilangkap

    “[That is] if every citizen can stand united, whether they are a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or Confucian,” said President Jokowi when opening the National Dharma Santi event today, April 7.

    Furthermore, Jokowi asserted that Indonesians must be united against ignorance, poverty, and illiteracy. “We must unite to make the country that we collectively love a developed country, a winning nation that stands equal to other world nations,” he continued.

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    It would be too convenient to think that Jokowi’s message was not addressed to counter the speech that the leader of the country’s opposing party, Prabowo Subianto, made previously, suggesting that Indonesia would collapse by the year 2030. Prabowo’s speech went viral after it was uploaded by Gerindra Party’s Twitter and Facebook official account.

    Prabowo predicted that Indonesia might seize to exist caused by Indonesia’s apathetic elites towards a statistic where he claims that 80 percent of Indonesian lands are controlled by only 1 percent of the people of Indonesia. He also argues that these elites do not care whether Indonesia’s wealth is taken over by foreigners.

    During the speech, President Jokowi once again asserted that various religious backgrounds, ethnic group, and culture in Indonesia cannot prevent the nation from uniting. 

    Muhammad Hendartyo