ICW: Regional Election Faces Emergency of Integrity

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  • Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW). Tempo/ Hendartyo Hanggi

    Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW). Tempo/ Hendartyo Hanggi

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Coordinator of Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) Donal Fariz says the 2018 regional head election will not be as expected because many candidates were caught in a corruption act.

    "I can say that the regional election is in the emergency of integrity because many parties, including the candidates, are caught in corruption acts," he said in Jakarta, Friday, March 2.

    Donal said in the last two months, there were eight election candidates who were arrested because of corruption.

    Based on ICW’s records, during 2010-2018, there were 242 regional heads who became the corruption suspects. Meanwhile, in 2010-2017, there were 72 cases of election organizers who were arrested for taking bribes.

    According to Donal, corrupt behavior occurred due to the contestation at the election which requires an expensive cost. In addition, some parties ask money for candidates who want to be nominated.

    On the other hand, Donal said the highest spending on regional election simultaneously existed on illegal spendings, such as political dowries, vote trading, and bribe organizers.