10 TNI Members Named Suspects in La GodeMurder

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Ternate Military Police Detachment (Denpom) has named 10 people as suspects for allegedly torturing and abusing a man to his death. The 10 people are military officers.

    "The ten suspects are members of the TNI," the Ternate Denpom Commander Lt. Col. Ali Mustofa said told Tempo yesterday.

    He did not reveal the suspects' identities. He said that the case files will soon be submitted to the military court to be prosecuted and tried. 

    In October last year, La Gode (31)—a resident of Taliabu, North Maluku—was found dead in the military's detainment post. There were suspicions that he was abused by officers of the military and the police.

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    La Gode was arrested under suspicion of stealing grated cassava, worth Rp25,000.

    He had escaped to meet his wife, Yanti (27), and told her that he was tortured while being detained at the TNI security post in Banau.

    On October 23, the Pos Lede Police, members of the TNI, and members of the Bintara Pembina Desa arrested La Gode. He was taken to the TNI security post.

    A day later, he was found dead, his entire body had lashes and incision wounds, eight of his teeth missing, and his toe nails pulled out. An autopsy was held on December 14.

    Ali said the Denpom would strike a full investigation over La Gode's murder. He added that the trial at the Military Court will be open for public.