Seribu Islands Airport Project Pitched to Investors

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  • An illustration of a woman in an airport.

    An illustration of a woman in an airport.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta administraiton plans to resume the Seribu Islands airport project. The construction at Panjang Island is currently abandoned.

    The city administration will bid out the project to private investors, with several incentives given to the winner.

    "The tender winner will be allowed to build resorts near the airport," Jakarta regional secretary Saefullah said on Tuesday, May 2.

    He said the government is currently selecting the entered bids.

    Saefullah said that privates will be asked to build and repair the abandoned airport, which is now covered in shrubs.

    Seribu Islands needs an airport to accommodate the increasing number of tourist visits. The airport will have a runway 1,400-meters long and 150-meter wide.

    Seribu Islands had its own airport back in the 1980s. But poor management left the airport unkempt, and it is now rarely ever used except for helicopters and small airplanes.