Rp4,704tn in Assets Reported in Tax Amnesty Program

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A total of Rp4,704 trillion in assets have been reported based on the asset declaration letters (SPH) submitted in the tax amnesty program as of March 30, 2017, according to the Directorate General of Tax (Tax DG).

    The SPH comprise of Rp3,528 trillion in declared domestic assets, Rp1,030 trillion in declared overseas assets and Rp146 trillion in repatriated funds.

    Some 832,631 taxpayers have joined the program comprising 374,624 non-SME individual taxpayers, 265,864 SME individual taxpayers, 111,181 non-SME entity taxpayers and 80,962 SME entity taxpayers.

    “We are doing the best we can, there are many factors that affect the tax amnesty [program], not all targets are met,” the Tax DG spokesman Hestu Yoga Saksama said on Wednesday at his office.

    He referred to the target of Rp1,000 trillion in repatriated funds that is highly unlikely to be met.

    According to him, taxpayers are allowed to choose whether to repatriate or declare their overseas assets.

    “We notice that declared overseas assets have reached Rp1,000 trillion, it depends on the taxpayers,” he said. To encourage taxpayers to repatriate their funds into Indonesia, Yoga said that the government will provide incentives and non-fiscal instruments. “For example, by facilitating investment and developing the infrastructure.”


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