Nine Countries to Participate in Solo International Art

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  • Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) at Vastenburg Fortress, Solo, Central Java. TEMPO/Ahmad Rafiq

    Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) at Vastenburg Fortress, Solo, Central Java. TEMPO/Ahmad Rafiq

    TEMPO.CO, Sukoharjo - At least 300 members of cultural delegations from nine countries will be participating in the eighth Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) 2016 in Solo, Central Java, on September 8-10.

    The members will be from Zimbabwe, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, United States, Spain, India, Italy and host Indonesia, the Director of SIPA 2016, Irawati Kusumorasri, informed here on Tuesday.

    "This years show has the theme of Maha Swara, indicating that voice show is more dominant than dance show," she added.

    A Javanese composer, song writer and traditional singer, Peni Candra Rini, is the mascot of the international-class cultural show of SIPA 2016.

    According to Irawati, the theme of "Maha Swara" contains a humanitarian mission that features the beauty of art performances.

    "The world needs voice. Moreover, it is needed if we have such humanitarian missions as keeping peace, preserving nature, building and maintaining friendship, and many others," she noted.

    The international event, Irawati said, will connect the local and international artists, hoping that coming together will boost their creativity.

    She said the cultural delegation members from overseas, among others, are Blessing Chimangga (Zimbabwe), Neil Chua and Ruanatworkz (Singapore and Malaysia), Park Na Hoon (South Korea), Philip Grauly (USA), Rodrigo Parejo (Spain), Nadi (Singapore), and Manipuri Dance Group (India).

    The event venue will have 5,000 seats and it will be free for people.

    Meanwhile, the Head of Surakarta`s Culture and Tourism Office, Eny Tyasni Suzana, said SIPA 2016 is different from its earlier editions. This year, the event will feature 60 percent voice and 40 percent dance.

    "We hope the event will attract all kinds of people, including foreign tourists," Eny added.

    A spanish art performer, Rodrigo Parejo, said that he is proud that he will be performing at the event, hoping that people will enjoy the musical and dancing art presented by the participating artists.