BPJS Kesehatan Changes Tariff Scheme

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    Kisruh BPJS Kota Depok

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The healthcare division of the Social Service Agency (BPJS Kesehatan) is revamping its payment scheme for first class health facilities, which includes clinics and community health centers (Puskesmas).

    The agency's director of services, Fajriadinur, said the change is a follow up to the Health Ministry's Regulation implementation. The policy is also based on the KPK's recommendation following the changes in capitation funding disbursement, which is now directly managed by Puskesmas.

    The capitation norm will take effect this August, but performance evaluations will be done every three months.

    To this date, BPJS' capitation rates have been based on the completeness of services provided by doctors and medical staff. The scheme change will take into account other conditions including doctor-to-patient ratio, practice house, and the number of doctor visits to community neighborhoods.

    Capitation tariffs are currently Rp3,000 and Rp6,000 for Puskesmas and Rp8,000 and Rp10,000 for clinics.

    Starting this August, there will be no flat tariffs for first class health facilities, as the rates will be adjusted gradually.