Thursday, 27 February 2020

Hundreds of Inmates Granted Remission during Independence Day

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  • TEMPO/Adri Irianto

    TEMPO/Adri Irianto

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Hundreds of inmates in Bulak Kapal Penitentiary Class II A, Bekasi, were granted a remission during Indonesia’s 70th Anniversary, where 57 of them were directly set free. “For the ones that are free, don’t let it happen again,” Bulak Kapal Penitentiary Warden Waskito said on Monday, Aug. 17.

    According to the decree of the Law and Human Rights Minister, there are two types of remissions granted to the inmates and juvenile inmates in Bulak Kapal Penitentiary.  First, general remission 1 or reduced detention period to 852 people, while 37 among them were directly set free as their detention period ends.

    In the general remission, hundreds of inmates were granted a reduced sentence, starting from one month and up to six months.  Second is the decade remission, where 20 people were directly set free.  The remission is expected to be an encouragement to other inmates to be better when serving their time in prison.

    Before the inmates were granted a remission, every Penitentiary received a leaflet from the Law and Human Rights Ministry pertaining to the remission.  Then, the Penitentiary verifies the inmates’ data to be submitted in receiving the remission.

    “The requirement is at least serving six months in detention,” he said.